Who are LibDems Abroad?

Liberal Democrats Abroad is a division of the UK’s Liberal Democratic party. It is actively campaigning for, and on behalf of, British nationals outside the UK.

Launched in 2018, Lib Dems Abroad is made up of some 2000 Liberal Democrat members and registered supporters living outside the UK. They belong to one of three local parties:

Organisationally, Lib Dems Abroad is a subcommittee of the UK party's Federal International Relations Committee.

What are Lib Dems Abroad objectives?

  • To identify and represent the interests of an estimated 5.5 million British citizens living abroad (that’s around 8% of all British citizens).
  • To grow the organisation by recruiting and supporting members.
  • To build on the new legislation giving all British citizens ‘Votes for Life’, (not just 15 years), by encouraging voter registration and participation in UK elections.
  • To campaign for fairer representation by the establishment of overseas constituencies to elect MPs to look after the interests of British communities abroad.
  • To support liberal and democratic organisations and parties within its communities.

 What are Lib Dems Abroad campaigning for?

  • A more sympathetic approach to dealing with refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Immediate citizenship to be granted to anyone, and their families, who acted as interpreters of UK forces serving abroad, and to residents of former UK territories (eg Hong Kong) who are now oppressed by the current authorities;
  • The rapid reinstatement of the shameful cuts to overseas aid;
  • Full recognition of Covid vaccination documentation from countries using vaccines approved in the UK;
  • Recognition and support for ecological initiatives including steps to reduce global warming and resisting threats to forests and other green spaces.
  • Fighting for the closest possible cooperation between the UK and the European Commission with the long-term aim of the UK re-joining the community.


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